Sunday, 5 November 2017

Introducing a Dolphin Magnet .. The Guppy

As well as still having "The Gurnard" on the go ... I also have a new smaller inflatable which .. due to a lack of imagination on my part .. I call "The Guppy"

The Guppy is a 2.75m long grey F - Rib powered by a 6HP outboard. I have found that dolphins of many different shapes and sizes are attracted to its hard hull. This video illustrates that point rather well  ... and is when I encountered a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins at Arisaig.

Credits to my brother DouglasW of for the additional photos of me sitting in the small grey bath tub ..surrounded by huge fins and tails. A fishy story indeed. .except for the video proof that this dream really took place

For F-RIB information see this forum

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