Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Strathyre and the Red Squirrels

Leaving the summit of Ben Shain, I headed north along a wide grassy ridge. The western end of Loch Earn was now clearly visible in the valley below.

I mused at the rusting gate which seemed to barred my way, until I noticed that there was no sign of a fence or other posts anywhere near it

When the ridge ended, I was rewarded with a lovely view looking over Balquhidder and Kirkton Glen to the horshoe ridge that I walked during the winter snows, two years ago

Descending to the east of the ridge, I picked up a foresty track that headed back to Strathyre

The track meandered through the forest where I got some photographs of the autumn colours

Before reaching the quiet country road that leads into Strathyre. It was here that I was delighted to see several red squirrels dancing around in the fallen leaves.

There are not so many red squirrels left in Scotland, as the brown variety ..which are not native to this country ... have all but taken over and driven the red ones almost to the point of extinction.

Unfortunately, I didnt have a zoom lens with me to capture them in photograph and they were too quick and skitterish to get near them with my wide angle lens. I will remember the telephoto lens for next time though.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Ben Shain ...Continued

I must admit that I love the colours and clear atmosphere of Autumn on a lovely sunny day. Summer is now a distant hazy memory... of... wind and rain.

As I gained height the views over the sleepy village of Strathyre started to open up.

Loch Lubnaig glistened in the the low autumn sun, making it difficult to photograph but I managed an acceptable shot.

Approaching the summit of Ben Shain, I took a photograph of the valley that heads for Lochearnhead. The oranges, yellows and browns of the heathers and bracken seemed to frame the evergreen forests with gold.

Over towards the north west, Stobinian was easily recognised by its flat summit. Ben More and Cruach Ardrain were standing proudly by it's flanks. I stopped for a moment as time stood still, while I recalled distant memories of when I last stood on their summits in days gone by.

Over to the east Ben Vorlich and Stuc A'Chroin dominated the sky line and I also thought of the times I stood on their summits. I thought it was a great day to be out and about on the hills. Both the air and my memory of forgotten walks was very clear on this autumn day.

To be continued...

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Strathyre and Ben Shain

Having a regular income again has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. I miss being able to roam the countryside whenever I please, which was every day the weather was suitable, when I wasnt working. However I can now compensate that slightly by spoiling myself with the odd toy, purchased from my hard earned wages.

I have recently bought an IPAD 3 and it is truelly a mini marvel. I am very pleased with its 10" screen which has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and is the best display I have for looking at my photographs collected over the years.

Even my computer 23" monitor is not as sharp as it can only display 1680 x 1050 pixels maximum and its ageing processor struggles trying to display images at any speed.

However, like work, it has its disadvantages too. I cant connect a USB memory stick to it and everything has to go through Itunes. I guess nothing is perfect, however I can recommend an IPAD if you like photographs.

Its the reason Im using for not posting lately. I was distracted from the blog by the learning process of the IOS6 operating system. I have been doing a few walks in between so I intend trying to catch up now :-D

I have been doing a few low level walks recently in an effort to capture the autumn colours. The leaves look "tree"mendous in their colourfull glory. On Saturday I went walking near Strathyre in the Trossachs and went to the top of Ben Shain. Its not the highest of hills but like Ben An over by Loch Katrine.. it offers a surprisingly good viewpoint.

The walk starts at Strathyre and crosses the river by a rickety old swing bridge. It creaks and groans as you cross, but seems safe enough

The autumn leaves look very vibrant in the early morning sun light

The path then cuts through the forest as it meanders up the hillside

The summit of Ben Shain can soon be seen through the trees as height is gained

The forestry workers have been felling trees in the area but unlike some cut plantations, Im pleased to say... they have not left the place in a mess

And the path is in good condition too. The views soon open up.

To be continued....