Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Strathyre and the Red Squirrels

Leaving the summit of Ben Shain, I headed north along a wide grassy ridge. The western end of Loch Earn was now clearly visible in the valley below.

I mused at the rusting gate which seemed to barred my way, until I noticed that there was no sign of a fence or other posts anywhere near it

When the ridge ended, I was rewarded with a lovely view looking over Balquhidder and Kirkton Glen to the horshoe ridge that I walked during the winter snows, two years ago

Descending to the east of the ridge, I picked up a foresty track that headed back to Strathyre

The track meandered through the forest where I got some photographs of the autumn colours

Before reaching the quiet country road that leads into Strathyre. It was here that I was delighted to see several red squirrels dancing around in the fallen leaves.

There are not so many red squirrels left in Scotland, as the brown variety ..which are not native to this country ... have all but taken over and driven the red ones almost to the point of extinction.

Unfortunately, I didnt have a zoom lens with me to capture them in photograph and they were too quick and skitterish to get near them with my wide angle lens. I will remember the telephoto lens for next time though.

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