Monday, 12 September 2011

Port Nam Murrach to Eilean a Ghaill

I confess to a liking of beach combing as much as boating and walked part of the next section before Douglas arrived. I did it on the first day I arrived in Arisaig by hiking from the old boat house at Rhu, round to Port nam Murrach and out to the point opposite Eilean a Ghaill at the top of Loch Nan Uamh. It was too windy to go boating on my own that day.

Looking back at Port nam Murrach from the headland before Port a Bhathaich which is the next sheltered bay along.

Looking over more skerries to Eilean a Ghaill which is the last island in the centre of this photo

The sheltered waters of Port a Bhathaich. Sadly there is no sand on the beach here..its almost all plastic :(

An old abandoned boat. Lobsterpots and hundreds of washed up plastic bottles and buoys litter the shoreline. The problem is getting bigger with each storm as the plastic doesn’t degrade or rot.

Even a discarded monofilament gill net was washed up on the rocks. Im no expert but I thought monofilament nets were illegal in Scotland ? Still it could have come from foreign shores ..or a foreign boat fishing our waters ?

On a brighter note I loved the colours of this huge crab claw. I wondered where the rest of the crab was ?

Further along I found this monster crab, the claw didn’t belong to it but it sure could have done with the claw as it only had one.. and a tail too. Sadly, the crab was dead or I would have eaten it :-D

The point leading to Eilean a Ghaill. There is a fort shown on it on the OS survey map but I saw no sign of the ruin.

Returning to the Rhu boathouse I crossed this raised beach which shows how high up the hillside the sea once reached.

Travelling by boat..I missed all that was water and waves only on that part of the journey

However I did see a sandy beach on the island that I didn’t notice on my walk.

I thought of landing to explore a bit so I shouted across ..

“where to now Douglas ..fancy landing ?”

He pointed straight across the mountainous seas of the sound of Arisaig.

"There is a better beach on Moidard Donald .. we can camp there .. just head straight across”

I though he was mad ? :-0 But I did head straight across ..... :-D

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