Friday, 23 September 2011

Arisaig again and the end of an epic

The thought of the campsite being just round the next island gave Douglas a new lease of life. In anticipation of a campfire and some real food for dinner, he started trolling his fishing line in the hope of catching a fresh mackerel.

There is nothing more satisfying for starters than a mackrerel BBQ’ed before rigor mortise has had time to stiffen the fish flesh.

We were now rounding Eilean a Ghaill which was the island we passed just before crossing the Sound of Arisaig the day before. What a difference a day makes to the ocean. The sea was flat calm and not a sign of swell anywhere. Although hardly 24 hours had passed since we made our way across to Moidart.. it felt like we had spent a few days in paradise. It really was an epic journey.

They say that two is company and three is a crowd, and perhaps its true for these cormorants sitting on the rocks just outside Port nam Murrach.

However I’m sure Douglas and myself would have happily shared the small camp ground at the port with another three, but we drew the line at sharing it with another dozen tents and a large Tepee. The camp ground was full !!

I debated with Douglas on our next move. Our choice was either to backtrack the way we had come, to a small pebble beach a mile or so back, or continue round the point and head for the campsite where we had left the cars.

I felt sorry for Douglas as he had to paddle whichever way we went and I could see the pain in his face when we decided to head back to the cars. It was another nine miles away and we were both starving. I then did something that I never thought I would ever do. I gave Douglas my last Mars bar. That is brotherly love at its best :-D

The only consolation ... it was a truly beautiful evening. There was not a breath of wind and the sea reflected everything around it.

The seals sat sleepily on their sea perches while the seagulls slept in silence. Douglas decided to paddle straight across the skerries of Loch Na Ceall to cut his distance down a little, while I chose to navigate the South Channel then out the North Channel. I needed the extra depth for the outboard.

Before we parted, I half joking said..

“Fancy going to Eigg instead..the crossing looks fine”

Douglas’s eyes lit up and I could see his initial thoughts were obviously ... “OK”

Then he remembered his injured foot and knee.. and he said..

”I would love to Donald ..but I better get my toe to hospital. I think it needs some stitches”

I guess that is when it really hit home to me how bad his foot was.

How could he turn down that offer of another adventure ?

We met up again on the other side of the skerries and both arrived back at the campsite and cars just as the sun set.

Douglas went home the next day and had his toe treated at the outpatients and Im glad to say its fine now.

Me ? ... well I was still up for more adventures.. so I went to Eigg myself .. stay tuned for that adventure very soon :-D

But first.. sincere thanks to my brother for taking me on that amazing journey. It really was an epic and I hope we can do some more together.

Thanks also for reliving it with me through the blogs.

If you have not seen the journey through Douglas’s eyes worth reading it and you can catch it here on Seakakakphoto.

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