Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Arisaig and Portnadoran Campsite

I chose to set up base on a designated campsite as this gave me the security of somewhere to leave the boat, tent or car while I explored the surrounding area. It also gave me some basic facilities such as a hot shower when I came in off the water.

I chose Portnadoran campsite as they advertise a small beach with easy launching for kayaks and small boats. It did have a small beach but launching was at high tide only. Any other time and it was a long walk to the sea but I think its the same for all campsites in the Arisaig area ?

I arrive late Sunday afternoon as I was in no hurry to get there because it was blowing a gale and heavy showers made the day. I pitched tent at the far end of the site out of the way of others.

The tide was full in so I took a look around the shore line of the campsite. A couple of boats were moored of the rocks but it looked a bit exposed for my boat to moor there.

I found the small beach with easy launching for small boats and it certainly looked possible even though it was a steep slope to the waters edge. However the waves breaking on the rocks at the narrow exit to the sea put me off launching that night.

I sat huddled on the rocks watching a couple of kite surfers making the most of the wind.

It looked cold but fun, however I doubted if I would have the energy for such a strenuous water sport at my age. They fair turned a few knots of speed as the streaked across the bay :-D

Every so often the wind in their kites pulled them high off the water :-o

To the south of the campsite I found a sheltered bay more suited to mooring my boat but it still meant launching it on the other beach.

I watched the sun go down in a cold grey sunset as my boat stayed on the shelter of its trailer beside the tent. I then went to bed hungry as I had not caught any mackerel :-(

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