Friday, 16 September 2011

Loch Moidart and Castle Tioram

Even the small islands were covered in trees and green grass which all add to the character of Loch Moidart, but to enjoy the loch at its best you have to have some kind of boat to explore its depths.

Ancient trees grow right to the waters edge and I envied Douglas in his kayak being able to explore the narrow shallow inlets while I kept to the deeper waters.

The trees looked lovely reflected in the mirror loch surface. It must be a really stunning place on a windless day with blue skies, but for me the warm overcast clouds all added to the atmosphere.

Passing through another narrow channel between Riska Island and the mainland I caught my first glimpse of the ruins of Castle Tioram. The castle was once home to the Clanranalds but fell into ruin around the early 1700’s

It was a strategic place for a stronghold, built on Eilean Tioram at the mouth of the river Shiel and Loch Moidart . We landed on the natural sheltered harbour on its north west flank and stopped for a late breakfast.

The deserted castle towered high above us as we kept the boats near the edge of the falling tide. We had the place to ourselves and felt safe in the knowledge that we still had half an hour before the place would be swarming with tourists

The island and castle are only accessible by a narrow spit of land at low water. We were well gone by the time the tide allowed the waiting tourists a safe passage to visit our breakfast place.


Phil Toman said...

Your pictures are stunning Donald. I am very sorry I missed that trip.

Kind regards


Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Phil..great to see you still around and I too was sorry you didn't manage this trip :(

Last year..without doubt ..the best trip I had was going round Gigha ..and this year it is this trip.

I think we are lucky knowing Douglas, as he gives us the confidence to make these amazing journeys.

Hope we can do some more together Phil :-D