Sunday, 18 September 2011

Loch Moidart, Eilean Shona and the South Channel

Leaving Castle Tioram behind, it was only a skip and a jump across to Eilean Shona where we took a look at the pier and the old house. Eilean Shona is privately owned but the house is available for holiday rent if you fancy a break away from the bustling city life. Mind you.. dont expect much in the way of night life out here, there is not even a public house.

We then headed towards the open sea down the much wider south channel.

The tide flowed quite quickly around the many still sunken skerries so I had to keep a close eye on where I was going. I noticed there was a reasonable sized colony of seals on the rocks nearer the sea, so wound in my fishing lines. My worst fear is hooking a seal while trolling a lure.

Just before we reached the open sea again, we stopped for a short break on a lovely sandy bay on the north side on the south channel. Its only exposed at low tide and the sand was quite soft but it certainly wasn’t muddy.

We didn’t stay long though as the tide was still falling and I didn’t want the boat stranded on a sandbar.

Moments later we were in the skerries at the entrance to the south channel of Loch Moidart. The open sea was flat calm. We decided to return to the beach we camped overnight ... for our lunch and a swim ....

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