Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Moidart and the joys of wild camping

We landed on the north beach of Port Achadh an Aonaich and in the manner of an experienced sailor, I hauled the boat up the beach stern first. Hauling it the easy way, ie bow first, I found from previous experiences, that waves breaking on the transom tend to splash over the top and into the boat. I wanted the bottom of the boat to dry out as I was going to sleep in it overnight.

It didn’t matter which way the kayak was hauled up the beach, with my inexperience of such strange boats, I found it hard to know which was front or back and so did the waves.

From a high vantage point we discovered the Port actually had two beaches. The one facing south was far less exposed so we moved round to it. This is the view from the vantage point and is two photographs joined together. Its worth clicking on it to see it in a larger size.

There were no waves on this side so I hauled the boat up the beach by the pointed end. I then played my favourite game when wild camping in such places. I take my glasses off and sit them down while I unload the boat. I then forget where I put them and because Im as blind as a bat without, I spend the rest of the evening hunting for them. I find it a quick and entertaining way of passing the evening.

I gave up looking for them as the sun started to set. I was happy that I had done such a good job of hiding them.

Meanwhile Douglas had lit the campfire and was cooking dinner while playing his favourite game while wild camping in such places. This consists of drinking copious amounts of some kind of liquid from a silver flask while trying to talk as many words per minuite as he can. Yup..its a quick and entertaining way of passing an evening too.

Eventually Douglas left his glass and silver flask and staggered off to his tent while I bumped my way into my boat bunk because I still glasses less.

We both woke early in the morning and I found my boat was high and dry. I think Douglas was mighty dry too as he now appeared to drink copious amounts of water, to wet his appetite for breakfast.

As we pulled ourselves together and packed our belongings back into the boats ... I found my glasses just in time ... the tide had now reached my boat ...

It was now time to get on with our amazing adventure ...

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