Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Loch Goil and the seal colony

I slowly puttered down the loch, enjoying the early morning sunshine. I was trolling my mackerel lure along behind the boat and kept a close eye on the fish finder. I was surprised how flat the bottom of the loch was. I always imagined it to be very rocky and full of gullies and holes, Im not sure why I thought that though?

There are a couple of “no go” Ministry of Defence areas in the loch, but they are clearly marked with buoys. Don’t venture into them of the police launch will quickly pull you over.

I kept to the west side of the loch and no one troubled me. There are some lovely houses on the banks. This tree house looks bigger than my house.

The rhododendrons were in full bloom and gave a nice touch of colour to the banking. Last year I found a small seal colony lived in this area. I kept an eye open to see if they were still around.

Yup..they are still in the area and looked even lazier than last year. They gave me no more that a quick glance as I passed, then went back to sleep.

It didn’t surprise me that the fish finder didn’t detect any fish in this area. I guessed the seals would find them long before I would.

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