Thursday, 9 June 2011

Loch Fyne and the strange catch

Having explored the Minard Islands I then headed down Loch Fyne towards Loch Gair which is a small sea loch off the main Loch Fyne. I passed the magnificent Minard Castle which is hidden from the main road so its the first time I have seen it. It almost makes the Duke of Argyle’s castle at Inverary look small. I wondered if there had been much rivalry between the owners in days gone by.

The rhododendrons in the castle gardens were past their best but still had an abundance of purple flowers.

This big RIB passed me in fine style, it was heading down to the salmon farms. I got a cheery wave from the driver as he passed. I have noticed that most boats acknowledge strangers in small boats with a smile and a wave, before the big cheery wave off their wash rocks my little boat.

The storm clouds gathered as I headed down the loch and the wind freshened a little as it threatened to rain. I had been trolling my lure for a couple of hours now without so much as a nibble or even a twitch of the rod tip hitting a piece seaweed.

Suddenly the rod bent and I thought ... great, I have made contact with a mackerel. Reeling in the lure, I began to wonder if I had caught a fish or just a lump of seaweed. The line felt like dead weight rather than a frisky fish. All of a sudden the line jerked and a seagull bust out from the water.

I had a fight on my hands as it tried to fly off and I tried to reel it in. The poor thing didn’t stand a chance against the 30lb breaking strain line and a 200lb fisherman. In a flash, I had it on the boat. Fortunately the lure had only caught the side of its beak and hadn’t damaged its tongue or throat.

I quickly removed the hook and let it go. It flew off after leaving a big scoot of the white stuff on the rear seat. I didn’t prolong its panic by stopping mid track to get my camera out so you can believe this fishy story or not. I didn’t get a single fish all day. After visiting Loch Gair , I headed back to Minard and then home without further incident.


David A said...

Hi Donny, it is good to hear that you did not blank on Loch Fyne. Sounds like a fine fighting bird you managed to skilfully hook and land. Of course I am always a bit sceptical when a fisherman tells one of these tales. Did you not take a picture of it before you released the feathered beast? No doubt it was a larger than normal seagull????? The ones that get away or are released always are. Tight Lines.

David A

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi again David :-D

Every dog has his day..even this old sea dog.

Today I ended my duck and found where the mackies are..and some herring too.. but I will have to finish my Loch Etive tale before I can let the cat out the bag and tell were ;-D