Sunday, 19 June 2011

Loch Etive and almost another seagull

After watching the climbers do their climbing and not feeling the fish doing any nibbling, I headed for the new pier at the head of the loch. That is where the lumber boat "Ben Maye" was now moored patiently waiting for the felled trees to be loaded on board.

It has been proposed that the new pier will be left for recreation use once the timber operations are complete. There are also plans to provide a new cycle track along the north west banks of the loch from Bonawe to Glen Etive. I am enjoying the isolation while I can. It would be a shame for the loch to end up like Loch Lomond , full of jet skiers and weekend party campers. I already avoid going down the Glen Etive road in the summer months as the rubbish left by irresponsible campers breaks my heart.

It was almost mid day now so I started heading back down the loch, but first I stopped off at the lovely sandy bays at Rubha Aird Rainich. The bays are on the opposite side of the loch and almost level with Rubha Bharr. They would make a lovely wild camp mooring too..perhaps for my next visit.

I took a walk along the shore to explore a little of the area. The sun was still shining but a weather front was fast approaching and the white horses started to appear on the loch.

I decided to wait a while to let the wind settle again, so I cooked some sausages for lunch. Very tasty they were too.. but a poor substitute for a fresh caught fish.

Once the BBQ was finished, I took all my rubbish home, I left only footprints and took only photographs, although I must confess, I would have happily taken some fish away with me.

With the clouds gathering and thickening fast, I headed for Taynuilt and the narrows before the wind freshened again. It had dropped slightly during my lunch break and the white horses had disappeared again.

As I neared Taynuilt, I noticed this cheeky seagull swooping in low for my lures. It followed me for a while and every time it thought I was not came within six feet of my hooks. I can attract and catch seagulls but not fish ? I must be doing something wrong ?

I managed to get the boat back on its trailer and everything packed up before the rain started..and it rained all the way home. Not that I cared..I had the best of the weather for my trip.

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