Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Culzean Castle

Since my last post was at Turnberry, I thought I would linger a little longer on the Ayrshire coast and mention Culzean Castle.

Unlike Turnberry castle Culzean castle which is only a mile away,it is not a ruin. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Scotland and is well looked after by the National Trust. Culzean for the non resident can be a difficult word to pronounce and I have often sniggered at the many ways the TV and Radio presenters try to get their tongues around it. The local pronunciation is something like “Kull ain”

Only recently a wealthy American who had never visited Scotland, donated approx 1,500,000 US dollars as a refurbishment gift, simply because he was interested in Eisenhower’s holidays at the castle. I have yet to see the restoration work which was mostly inside the castle, but I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the castle grounds. Its worth every penny, especially if you walk along the shore from Maidens because then the access is free, as long as you don’t want to see in the castle. That could be why I have yet to see the restoration work.

Anyhoo.. enough of my rambling and on with the photo tour.

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