Sunday, 5 June 2011

Loch Fyne from Minard

Yeah...finally there was a window in the windy weather we have had of late that coincided with a day when I wasn’t working. OK Saturday wasn’t as nice a day as Friday but it was certainly boatable conditions. I decided to try Loch Fyne again but this time launch the boat off the beach at Minard. There is easy parking there and the shore has been cleared of the bigger stones. The tide was full out when I arrived so it was quite a distance to push the boat.

Gravity on the slope helped and once the boat was moving, I just kept pushing to keep its speed up. It was in the water before I could say the word “mackerel” . I had heard that the mackerel were slowly arriving around our coasts so hoped there were a few that had found their way into Loch Fyne.

It was a grey overcast day as I lowered my trolling line and left the village of Minard behind as I headed straight across the loch towards Lachlan bay

I passed the strange looking lighthouse on Sgeir an Eirionnaich, one of the rocky outcrops off Minard. The loch at one time had a busy fishing fleet and its herring were plentiful. Today the boats and the fish have long gone. The lighthouse sees few commercial boats pass this way now.

At Lachlan Bay, the sky looked very dark, almost like winter time. The wind was out the north again and had a chill to it.

I wasn’t surprised to see the trees around Castle Lachlan still sporting their winter colours. Apart from the one day glorious day which was on Friday.. I too wonder when winter will end ? I wondered if the mackerel would brave the cold ?


David A said...

Hi Donny, it is a great site you have. Were the mackerel in.

David A

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi David, good to see you here and I hope you stick around for a bit. Thanks for the kind comment.

As for telling about the mackerel.. that is like reading the last chapter in a book before reading the rest. I did catch something ..and will reveal all shortly :-D

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hi Donald, mackerel now in the Solway, they barbequed nicely on Saturday :o)

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Douglas great to see you still following the blog.. Im hoping the mackerel will be around this Saturday..Im going camping on the boat overnight :-D

Hope you enjoy your trip to St Kilda...I will watch for your report on your blog soon

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