Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Loch Etive and the Rubha Bharr wild mooring

Although it looked very stormy over the mountain tops, all was calm on the loch. There was a break in the clouds over to the west and the setting sun illuminated the hill slopes nicely. I knew it wouldn’t get completely dark during the night as its almost mid summer now. I just wish the temperatures reflected that fact. As the sun sank lower it felt like a frost was in the night air.

Heading into the wilderness and looking towards the hills of Glencoe under storm clouds.

The sun still warming the steep slopes of Ben Starav

Ben Cruachan and the Taynuilt Peak under the clear skies of the west

I was now approaching my mooring place, off the sandy beach at Rubha Bharr. I was please to see it was still in the sun and the waters of the loch were calm.

I set up a double anchor system to keep the boat off shore. The tide still had an hour or two to fall and I didn’t want the boat grounded during the night. I also wanted to land and walk about without it left high and dry on the receding tide.

I erected my home made tent / boat cover. It worked a treat and only took seconds to fasten round the boat.

I left half uncovered as I made my bunk in the boat. The scenery, the peace and quiet were all stunning after a hectic week in an office.

I pulled the tent cover over completely at half past ten. It was still light outside but the sun had set behind the hills. The temperature was lowering. I was snug in my little boat berth.

Here is the view from my boatroom window, now isn’t that is something to die for, and it cost little except the effort to get there :-D

I fell asleep in no time, dreaming of catching a fish.......

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looks really excellent to me no need to ask if you enjoyed it