Sunday, 31 October 2010

Loch Tulla revisited

I have been a keen amateur photographer most my life and have worked all over Scotland. When digital cameras came to the fore, I had a job that involved travelling in excess of 1000 road miles per week. Those journeys were made tolerable by my passion for photography and the countryside that I travelled through. I had many detours from the beaten track and caught the Scottish Landscape in many of her different moods. I have literally thousands of photographs spinning silently away on my hard drive. I intend using this blog to hopefully let others see the passion I have for the landscapes that I live in

Over the next few weeks I hope to cover the Rannoch Moor area which has long been a favourite area for me to walk. I enjoy the solitude that the peat bogs bring, the silent reflections often seen on the still lochs and the panoramic views from the mountain tops. Its what inspires me to live and to create.

Here are a few more photographs of Loch Tulla from different times of the day and year. If I have a photographic style, it must include mountains reflected on still waters.

The third photograph in this series inspired me to do this watercolour painting

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