Friday, 1 October 2010

Loch Hourn and paradise

Not long after the eagle chase, the clouds began to part and shafts of sun light illuminated the surrounding hillsides. I remembered how impressed I was on my maiden voyage on Loch Etive, getting a seals eye view of its towering mountains but this was even more remote and spectacular.

Some of the hillsides were still covered in ancient oak forest clinging to steep slopes where no paths have ever gone. I saw several deer slink silently through the dark shadows but there was no signs of humans.

I made my way to the end of Loch Hourn by following its northern banks then started the return journey by following its southern side.

There was once a small village at Skiary but only the one cottage remains inhabited today.

Its dwarfed by the heights of the surrounding hills. Although it looked a very pleasant place to stay in summer, it will be a different story come winter.

Shortly after passing Skiary, the wind started to blow a bit and waves quickly appeared on the surface of the loch. I wasted no time in heading back to the narrows at Coalas Mor as I knew the wind would be against the tide and it could get very choppy. However it was a breeze passing through as the wind started to drop again. I was pleased to see it had blown the remaining clouds away

That’s when the locals came out to play on the loch. Its only when their boat gives some scale to the surrounding hills that you get the real feel of their height.

I landed at a little bay to stretch my legs and also for a little sun bathing. It was great to see that lovely green sheen on the water again.

I sat on the rocks for ages, soaking in the huge views in front of me. The only thing that seemed to move in this vast landscape was the tide as it slowly drained the water away. Then it seemed to give up and the water started to rise again.

I was as happy as a sand boy as I made my way past Corran again. I didn’t have a care in the world. Time seemed to stand still in this ageless place.

The early morning midges had gone by the time I got back to Arnisdale. Loch Hourn in this kind of weather was no loch from hell. It was paradise.

I landed and deflated the inflatable, packed everything away and then made my way to the Summer Isles .....

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