Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Stac Polly again

The last time I climbed Stac Polly, was in the summer of 2009. This time I parked in the large car park at the foot of the hill. Sadly the feeling of remoteness and adventure that I felt 30 years ago was no longer there. I couldn’t get lost as long as I kept to the path that was almost like a stone pavement.

I took the staircase to the ridge and must confess, the views were still astounding. This photo of Suilven was taken with a digital camera that I could only dream of in 1980. The weather was perfect and the forecast was spot on.

I wasn’t with my brothers this time. I was with my friend.. It was her first trip to Stac Polly but she didn’t feel like it was a forgotten world. “It’s a quaint little hill” she said. I guess we were still posers though. At the end of the day.. we wild camped by the little loch near the main road. Im glad to say, It was still far from the madding crowd. That night as I watched the sun set over the Inver Polly reserve... I couldn’t help but wonder... what would Stac Polly would be like in another thirty years ?

Then I awoke from my daydreaming of times gone past and headed for the shore front of Achilitbuie. I parked on the green that night and fell asleep dreaming of going round the Summer Isles in the morning.


Alex said...

Superb sunset shot of Stac Pollaidh..

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Alex..I have just noticed your comments as Im still quite new to this blog thing :-D

Thanks for looking in and now I know about comments I will be more vigilant. Thanks again for commenting on my photo