Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Summer Isles and the seals

It’s a funny feeling, being in the middle of no where, not hearing much noise, and yet you feel as if you are being watched by a hundred pairs of eyes. Then slowly they started to show themselves. What I had presumed were stones in the middle of the seaweed were in fact seals.

I cut the engine and started to row quietly towards a little island. Curiosity got the better of them and they started to follow the inflatable.

There were grey seals, at least I think they were grey as they had roman noses and wide apart nostrils as well as looking a little grey.

Then there were the common seals, they have a more dog shaped forehead and nose with nostrils in a “v” formation.

Once my eyes tuned into the seal shape, I couldn’t help notice that they were everywhere.

I rowed over to a small coral and sandstone beach and landed to watch the seals play.

A couple followed me in the water, as I walked along the beach then turned quickly sending a large wet splash in my direction with a flip of their tails. I climbed to the highest point on the small island and took this photograph looking north east towards the mainland

I then turned and took this photo looking back up the channel between Tanera Mor and Tanera Beg.

That’s when I felt I was being watched all over again, with a different kind of eye. The tour boats had started to arrive.

Just like the seals, once one appeared, they all seemed to appear from everywhere. Their passengers had roman noses and dog shaped foreheads with twitching nostrils too, or perhaps it was just my imagination ?

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