Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quinag and Sail Ghorm

Although the rest of the ridge to Sail Ghorm was not so exposed as the first half, it did offer some spectacular views. The narrow path twisted round the back of a steep sloping un-named summit blocking the ridge.

There are some spectacular rock formation jutting out of the ridge. This one is where the posers stand for their photograph.

Being on my own meant that I couldn’t pose and photograph so you will just have to imagine me standing on the rocky ledge on the right of this photo.

Its around a thousand foot drop straight down, just beyond the rim of this gorge carved in the southern cliffs.

The view to the north is just as spectacular. In this photograph I have zoomed in on the Kylesku Bridge. It just seems like yesterday when you had to cross by ferry but I guess its thirty years since I did that.

Finally I made it to the third main summit of Quinag. Sail Ghorm at 776 meters above sea level.

To get back to the car, I retraced my steps until I reached the Bealach a Chornaidh again, then dropped down to the path, around the lochan and back to the start point.

In all the walk was around 8 miles long and climbed a total of 3800ft, with all the ups and downs. I was glad to get home and rest my feet after that.

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