Monday, 1 November 2010

The Rannoch Moor and the Blackmount Estate

I guess anyone who owns a camera and crosses the Rannoch moor on the A82 will stop at some time to snap the classical views of the Blackmount Estate.

Everyone does it and I am no exception, however weather or lighting conditions will have to be quite unusual for me to stop now as I have think I have snapped that view to death in all types of weather and different seasons. Here are just a few of the scene seen through my lens.

Early morning sunrise in November

After the snowstorm in December

A white Xmas in December

Minus 15 degrees on a bitterly cold January Morning

Early morning frost in February

Flat calm on a beautiful spring day

Clearing clouds on a beautiful spring day

A summers day


Alex said...

That`s the most impressive set of photos of Rannoch Moor that I have seen.
Absolutely top class.!

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Alex, glad to see you are still following the blog even though I have packed the inflatable away for the winter. Im sure you will enjoy the photos that are well off the beaten track too.

Thanks again for your kind comments, they are appreciated