Thursday, 4 November 2010

Rannoch Moor and Blackrock Cottage

There are some views that I never get tired of photographing. Blackrock Cottage on the northern edge of the Rannoch Moor is one of those views. It is possibly the most photographed cottage in Scotland, but with the diverse weather on the moors, no two photographs will ever look the same. Here are the four seasons at Blackrock Cottage





The view also inspired this watercolour painting


Alex said...

Wonderful photos again.A nice wee taster for me as I`m staying there next weekend :)

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Alex ..I hope the weather is kind to you ..but there are plenty low level walks to do if the mist is on the high tops of Glencoe. G
len Etive is lovely at this time of year too. Hopefully some of my posts will inspire you to venture onto the moors or perhaps take your boat onto Loch Leven to visit the islands :-D