Monday, 8 November 2010

Rannoch Moor and Loch Laidon

Deep in the heart of the Rannoch Moor lies Loch Laidon. It is best accessed from the east end at Rannoch Station but I noticed from the OS maps of the area that there was a land rover track going from the Kingshouse Hotel, past Black Corries Lodge and shown to end in the middle of nowhere. A footpath then goes all the way along Loch Laidon to Rannoch Station. I was keen to see if it was possible to cycle from the Kingshouse to Rannoch Station.

The first part of the track proved to be very good. It’s the access road to Black Corrie Lodge.

There are some great views of Buachaille Etive Mor from the Allt Chailleach river that runs beside the track.

The only living thing I saw all day was the highland coos near the Black Corrie Lodge. The mountains of Creise and Meall a Bhuirdh can be seen on the far side of the main A82 road.

I then cycled on the footpath which bypasses the Lodge then joins it again to head for a remote radio mast. The last of the autumn heather blooms added a splash of colour to the Buachaille in this shot.

Unfortunately the landrover track stops exactly as shown on the OS map and the footpath proved impossible to cycle on. I abandoned the bike and carried on by foot to the edge of Loch Laidon.

The loch looked very peaceful on such a lovely late autumn morning. A touch of frost helped firm the soft ground for walking.

It never ceases to amaze how some trees can grow out of small cracks in the rocks of the moor. I guess its not so wet in there so their roots don’t rot ?

Sadly..there is only one way back..and that is the way I came but I think its worth the effort just to see a different view of the moors.

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