Saturday, 8 October 2011

Loch Nevis and Inverie continued

After lunch, I sat outside for a while to let the langoustines settle and also to let me soak in the atmosphere of this remote village. It was still a beautiful day and I was sorry I didn’t do the journey by my own boat. However I knew the forecast was for the wind to start rising in the late afternoon and didn’t want to risk being caught in the loch. There was gale force winds forecast for the next day or two.

I started to stroll along the road in the other direction simply to pass time while waiting for the boat to come back. This photo shows the extent of the village of Inverie.

And this one is looking over the bay towards the mouth of Loch Nevis.

I continued along the headland . The bees were busy buzzing in the blooming heather and the odd butterfly flitted by... but apart from that... nothing else moved to disturb the peace.

I noticed that every house had huge piles of logs neatly stacked in their gardens. It will be a far different place on a wild winter’s day.

My timing was perfect, just as I got back to the pier, the Western Isles boat arrived and it was time to board again and head for Tarbet in Loch Nevis itself.

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