Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dounreay and Thurso

Dounreay nuclear power station first went into service in the late 1950’s but was taken off line in 1994. During its hey days it employed around 3500 people many who still work there decommissioning the reactors and processing plant.

For me, it was always cast a dark shadow over our landscape, however I do wish there was a better alternative than the many wind turbines that now grow on every hillside like some contagious rash.

A necessary evil though, or I would not have the power to post on my blog.

The biggest wee toon in the far north is Thurso. There is not a lot to it but I can recommend the fish and chip shop not too far from the tourist information cantre. I have spent many a happy evening wandering beside the river then onto the harbour, eating my supper and throwing the remains to the local fish and chip gulls.

Surfers enjoy the waves ouside the harbour and the European championships have been held here. The waves rolling in from the Pentland Firth have been compared with those of Hawaii.... except Thurso has the record for having the coldest water to host the surfing championships.

I have witnessed some spectacular sunsets from the harbour while looking towards the old castle.

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