Sunday, 16 October 2011

Loch Nevis and the end of my holiday

Apologies for the lack of updates this past week but I was away from home and didn’t have computer access.

So here, without further ado is the final chapter to my holiday at Arisaig :-D

The Western Isles boat was now heading for Tarbet in Loch Nevis. I saw a couple of eagles circling high above the hills on the eastern side of the loch. A herd of stags were silhouetted against the skyline and pods of porpoise broke the sea surface. It really is an unspoiled wilderness, with the exception of one or two huge homes built on the shoreline.

Near the narrows of Kylesknoydart are a couple of smaller cottages dwarfed by the huge hillsides surrounding the loch.

We then approached Tarbet which is nestled in the hills at the northern end of the portage path that crosses over to Loch Morar on the other side of the hills.

Tarbet is a sheltered bay and a couple of boats were moored here. A smaller boat met the Western Isles and brought a couple of passengers aboard. There are only six inhabitants in the village ..well .. that was at the last count.

Sir Cameron Mackintosh, the composer and multi millionaire has built this house near Tarbet. Its rumoured he fell out with the local crofters who don’t make life easy for him. It has been rumoured they burned his boat and set fire to the house during his ten years in Loch Nevis.

Leaving Tarbet, the Western Isles then headed for the inner Loch Nevis, but first it had to pass through the narrows at Kylesknoydart. The pointed peak of Sgurr na Ciche and rounded top of Garbh Chioch Mhor dwarf the scenery around the loch.

The tide flowed like a river through the narrows but it was no problem for the Western Isles.

We passed the hamlet of Kylesmorar which is now made into holiday homes and can be rented for a holiday away from it all. Its only accessible by boat.

The boat finally stopped and turned at Seal Island, deep in the heart of the inner loch. Around a dozen large seals rested on the rocks. The views around the surrounding mountains was stunning.

Heading back to Tarbet and Mallaig, I couldn’t help notice a huge whale. It was beached at the outbound centre and it is in fact a boat. It is the only whale boat in the world and it has crossed the Atlantic. Think I will stick with conventional boats though.

Heading back to Mallaig, the wind started to rise and I watched a sixteen foot fishing boat battle into the waves and send spray high in the air. I was glad I took the commercial boat as my twelve foot boat would have struggled back.

Still ... it was a lovely way to end my holiday in Arisaig.. and I hope you enjoyed following it.

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