Thursday, 20 October 2011

Duncansby Head and its Sea Stacks

I’m afraid to say that since my holiday to Arisaig, the weekend weather has been that poor, I have not had any new boating adventures. I was also due to finish work last weekend but I was asked if I could assist by working to the end of the month so I agreed. What is another two weeks in a remaining life time of leisure :-D

To keep my blog going until I get back in the boat, I intend posting some of my favourite photos from around Scotland in the hope you will continue to look in

Where better to start than right at the very top of mainland Scotland. A sunrise stroll from Duncansby Head Lighthouse to the Sea Stacks of Duncansby. The lighthouse is on the north east tip of the mainland not far from John o Groats.

Its a short walk of about a two miles round trip but it is worth it, especially on a cold clear crisp morning. Then its back to the hotel for coffee and breakfast... enjoy.

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