Monday, 24 October 2011

Dunnet Bay and its golden sands

In the shelter of Dunnet Head lies the two mile stretch of golden sands of Dunnet Bay. Backed by sand dunes, it is a bird life haven , with oyster catchers, eider ducks, great northern divers, curlew and ringed plovers to name a few.
It is also a popular place for surfers when the winds are out the north west. The vast expanse of the beach means that you certainly won’t feel its over crowded, even on a nice summers day.


David A said...

Hi Donny, it is again good to be able to catch up with your travels.Some of the pics are great. The way you have managed to capture the big skies and the solitude of the area is fantastic.

David A

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi again David... good to see you still around :-D

I guess from a photography point of view, I had a great job a couple of years ago. It involved a lot of travelling around Scotland and I was averaging 1500 miles a week on our roads :-o

During that time I saw many sights under lighting conditions that most would spend a life time waiting for.

Im hoping to post many of them while I await better boating weather. :-D