Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Skye, Loch Slapin and Kilbride

Back on track down the road to Elgol, just after loch Cill Chroisd the views of Bla Bheinn start to open up. It is arguably Scotland’s most scenic mountain but I certainly wont argue that point, as I think it is. I took photos of it from all angles and in all seasons, I even climbed to the top of it but more of that shortly. Here it is in all its glory as it first comes into view. The early summer foxgloves giving the photo a splash of colour.

Before you get to the village of Torrion there is a little dead end road that cuts off around Kilbride that is worth a look as it offers some great views of Bla Bheinn across loch Slapin

There is a lovely little bay at the end of the dead end road and you can often see seals and the occasional otter around this area in the early morning. There were only sheep to be seen on this morning.

You can hear nothing but silence when the sun rises over loch Slapin on a windless day.

The dead end road leads onto a rough track that weaves round the coast to the ruined village of Suisnish. I found its better going by bicycle than walking as its a long way and on such an interesting island, I didn’t find much of interest on the way.

Heading back to Torrin you can’t help but notice the unsightly sight of the Syke marble quarry. However I appreciate that the locals must earn their living and it is well off the beaten track.

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