Sunday, 24 April 2011

Loch Leven and Invercoe Campsite

The Easter weekend came faster than I wanted. I had so much to do yet so little time to do it in. I’m still working and its at one hundred miles an hour trying to settle into new work routines while the customer still wants the goods yesterday.

I was glad the weekend had arrived , I was just a little unprepared for it. It was a last minute decision where to go with the boat with the weather forecast looking a little mixed on Friday and Saturday.

Loch Leven was one of my favourite places in my inflatable so I decided to go there. This time I stayed at Invercoe campsite, for no other reason than it has a boat ramp for the resident campers. It was good value too because for a tent with one person discount it was £14 per night and had boat ramp, showers and toilets and everything else I could wish for. My only complaint was because it was the Easter weekend and the weather reasonable, it was very busy. I like my solitude.

I set off straight after work on Thursday night and arrived early evening. It wasn’t dark until 9pm so that gave plenty time to set up the tent and get settled in.

The tide was not quite full in and looked inviting and calm for boating. I checked out the boat ramp and found that it was the centre of attraction for most campers, even though they didn’t have boats ?

Sadly, I knew it would be dark within the hour so there was not enough time to get the boat into the water to try it out, but it did look very inviting. The wind was almost non existent. It was hard to believe the forecast for the next day was for force three winds with gusts up to force six ?

As the sun set, the air chilled a bit. Its still early in the year for camping. However it had the advantage that it kept the midges away, once the temperatures rise, they will arrive in their droves. I hoped it would keep the other campers in their beds in the morning so I didn’t have an audience while launching the boat.

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