Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Loch Fyne and Inverary

In my mind, Inverary is one of the most scenic villages in Scotland, especially when the bleached white buildings are reflected on the mirror surface of Loch Fyne. It was back in the 80’s when I first took a photograph of the village reflected that inspired me to paint it for the first time abd I have painted it several times since.

Comparing my first painting of the village to the last one done in 2008 (around 25 years later) I see my style has changed a bit. Perhaps its due to my eyesight not being so good now.

My first impression of Inverary

My last impression of Inverary

For years, I had always wondered what the village would look like from the seaward side on a day when it was reflected on the water. Now I know ... and I suspect it will inspire another painting of my favourite village scene

Future inspirations of Inverary

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