Monday, 11 April 2011

Loch Fyne and the maiden's audience

Now the boat was back in its natural element I felt like I was in heaven (which is certainly not my natural place to be) I wanted to see how she would row and in the flat calm water she went like a fish. It was very easy to get a lively pace out of her with little effort pulling the long oars. I suspect it could be a different story in the wind as she sits high in the water.

A hundred yards off shore, I paused and looked back at the launch point. I could see why she was so easy to push to the water’s edge. The beach looked a lot steeper from this angle. My heart sank as I wondered how I would get the boat back to the car. Still ... that was for later .. I was now going to enjoy the moment.

The view looking over the cuddy roof to the north east was superb, however it was very hazy so I knew the photos would lack contrast. I wished I had brought the polarizing filter for the camera to help improve things but I had left it at home

The view to the south west was not bad either. The jetty at St Catherines was another possible launch point but because it was in the village, I chose my spot well hoping there would not be an audience for my first attempt.

However I didn’t get away unseen as three low flying geese chuckled and honked as they flew by.

Even a seal came to see the new boy on the block who thought he was the bees knees in his red boat.

The only other boat I saw the whole day gave me a wide berth. I guess he didn’t want to see if I knew the rules of the road and who gives way to what.

Enjoying every moment of being afloat for the first time this year, and in a new boat that really floated my boat and made my day, I started the 4HP engine and headed across the loch to Inverary.

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