Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stuc Odhar and a broken toe

Leaving Glen Finglas reservoir behind, I made a straight line for Stuc Odhar. Holly was running happily by my side. We were both full of the joys of spring. It was great to feel some warmth in the sun.

I found a recent quad track and started to follow it as it seemed to go the way we wanted. Progress was quick as we walked on the flattened heather. It was a little boggy at times but nothing hard going.

As I gained height..I was surprised to see Stobinian and Ben More appear covered in so much snow. It was warm work where I was walking.

I was putting in a good distance between me and the loch, so not surprised I was breaking sweat.

Ben Venue looked magnificent on the far side of the loch.

I stopped to take a photograph of the final push for the summit of Stuc Odhar....

That is when I noticed Holly was falling slightly hehind. When she stopped beside me she sat down and offered me her paw. I found this a little strange until I noticed one of her claws had broken and was twisted at an odd angle. I could see that she was in a bit of pain and had difficulty walking. Her broken claw kept getting twisted about as she put foot on the uneven heather surface and the long grass was grabbing at it. Unfortunately I dont carry a first aid kit or anything so tried to bind her paw up in a plastic bag. She just lay down looking miserable :( Her limp was painful for me to watch :(

She found walking very difficult and although she tried..she kept sitting down and looking at me with big sad eyes. I had no other choice but to leave her as it was at least two miles over difficult terrain ....

Or to carry her out ..and she is a very heavy lump. I took a last look at Stuc Odhar, grit my teeth and headed downhill .. carrying my pooch under my arm. When we finally got to the car.. she licked me silly. I think she really appreciated the lift.

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