Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ailsa Craig Adventure Part 2

Eventually, the Ailsa Craig began to loom larger and I felt the crossing was coming to an end and the new adventure about to begin.

A solitary gannet seemed to fly out to meet us, then guide us to shore.

But before we got there, it wheeled to the left and headed for the high nesting areas ...

While we turned to the right towards the lighthouse, where...

Our next escort took over, just to make sure we were not up to any fishy business..

I dropped anchor on the rocky beach near the lighthouse. In fact, I dropped three anchors just to make sure the boat didn't drift off while I was exploring. One anchor was over the stern to hold the boat from bashing the beach, if the waves got up, and two anchors on the shore well above high water, as the tide was still rising.

The seal also seemed willing to watch over the boat (or should that be under it ?) as I climbed the hill.

To be continued ...


David A said...

Hi Donny, I am finally catching up with your travels and adventures. Great pics of the Bass Rock.

David A.

David A said...

Hi again Donny, cant believe I said the Bass Rock!!!! Ailsa Craig looks stunning.

David A.

Phil Toman said...

Hi Donny ~

It was good to meet up with you again. Sorry you had such a hard time with the launch. Great photos!The piccy of the gannet and the seal are my faves. Looking forward to our next adventure.

Kind regards


Donny Wilcox said...

Hi David ..glad to see you back :-D
Its almost mackerel time too.. doing much fishing lately ?

Hi Phil..I have a whale of a time at Ailsa Craig. Your company seems to bring me some great adventures ..hope we meet again very soon :-D