Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cononish and Beinn Chuirn

If you are wondering what happened to my updates... relax.. I didnt fall down a mine shaft .. I had to attend family matters in Ayrshire for a couple of weeks and didn't have access to my photos. Im now back on track and have a few hikes to update .. but first I will finish my walk in Cononish

Leaving the summit cairn of Meall Odhar, we headed for the great gash on the side of Beinn Chuirn where the Alt Eas Anie burn tumbles down the cliffs. I suspected this was the site of the gold mine. On the way, I was concious of passing what looked like a car park where a couple of tin huts were located but didn't realise the Gold mine entrance was there I missed it :(

I did find the two lead mine adits on the cliffs on the Eas Anie. This one looks as if someone has cut a hole in the grating to gain access. They are braver than me as I didn't fancy exploring underground. Some research on the net told me that the lead mines actually join up with the upper levels of the gold mine.

Above the mines, the Alt Eas Anie burn tumbles over the cliffs in a spectacular waterfall

Happy at finding the adits, we then started the steep assent of Beinn Chuirn. The views soon opened up and Ben More and Stobinian looked great capped with snow

As did Ben Oss and Beinn Dubhchraig

But none matched the magnificence of Ben Lui and its centre gully

Beinn Chuirn is one of those hills with many false summits but eventually we reached the lip of Coire na Saobhaidhe ..

And followed the lip to the top where we ...

Finally reached the summit cairn. Russel is checking his GPS to make sure it is 880m high. I didn't doubt it was as my weary legs were now quite stiff.

We had our lunch on top as we admired the views over to Ben Cruachan ..

And back again to Ben Lui before heading for home.

Although we missed the gold mine entrance.. it was a gem of a day on a jewel of a hill.

Im just sorry Holly my dog missed that walk..but she was still suffering from her broken claw from a couple of days before :(
Its now sorted .. my vet pulled it out with a pair of pliers :-o but Holly was brave and has enjoyed a few good walks since :-D

My thanks again to Russell for accompanying me on one of the best walks so far this year :-D

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Russell said...

It was a pleasure, Donny. Smashing 3 reports and photos, apart from the one of the ugly bugger at the top of Beinn Chuirn.