Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pooch Paintings (Kira and Arco)

This weeks weather is more like the weather we are used to in March.. blizzards and freezing winds out the north. Not that the weather affected me much as I was back at Ayr helping my mother with her house and garden chores.

Im please to say that my visits there have helped Holly socialise with other dogs. When I first visited my mum, Holly's only thought was to eat her border terrier and it was very difficult keeping them apart. It's been Holly's main issue since I rescued her, she snarled viciously at every dog we saw on walks. I was a bit concerned about her anti social behaviour to other dogs, and wondered if it was possible to teach an old dog a new trick. Now she will happily pass other dogs as long as they keep their distance, and she now loves running and playing with Sandy mothers border. Now Im home again..Im sure she will miss her new found friends.

The other thing I noticed about Holly is that she is beginning to like the water. On our first walks a few months ago.. she didn't like water and I had to carry her across the burns and streams on the hillside. Now she is happy chasing seagulls along the water's edge at Ayr shore. I have even caught her paddling in the puddles so Im very hopefull she will take to the boating journeys :-D

No other major walks or adventures but I completed another couple of Pooch Paintings this week and Im pleased with my progress and so are the dog's owners.

Meet Kira the mini Schnauzer ... I loved her expressions and it was a delight to paint her :-D

And here is Arco the magnificent Akita .. I was dreading doing an all white dog but she turned out great :-D

I will soon feel confident enought to try a pure black dog ..then I will start targetting the public with my leaflets advertising my service.

Now Im home..I hope to get back to the hill walks ..finish servicing my outboards and get the boat ready for the water.. so I hope you stay tuned for some new adventures :-D

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