Monday, 23 April 2012

Ochil Hills and The Nebit

Who knows why it has taken so long for me to climb The Nebit (the nose) in the Ochils ? It sits right at the front of the hills above Alva and it is not the highest or even a difficult walk. I have passed it many times on my way to Ben Cleuch and even circled it completely on my way to other walks so I thought it was time to conquer it's summit. Just as well it is not too long a walk either as I tried to get up and down between the heavy showers we are having lately.

I parked at the Alva Glen carpark and started off up the footpath. I love Alva glen and go there quite a lot, but today I felt as if someone or something was watching me ?

I stopped at the waterfall in the Glen for another photograph. I have hundreds of this waterfall..but I cant resist snapping it every time I pass.

Instead of heading into Alva Glen itself, I cut across the hillside to the road the windfarm turbines were hauled up. They had been burning the gorse since the last time I was on this path.

I then headed up the road to the turnoff that circles the Nebit. I was taking the left fork.

I followed this track for a few hundred yards before heading up the steep slopes of the Nebit itself. This is the view from the track looking up Alva Glen and across to Bengengie. I have walked there several times over the past couple of months.

Its a steep slog up the Nebit..which probably accounts for the reason I have always passed it. I also discovered that it has several false summits which fooled me into thinking I was almost there , only to discover, yet another ridge to go.

I got there in the end. My first ascent of The Nebit .. who knows when my next ascent of it will be. I didn't hang around at the small summit cairn as I could feel the rain starting.

Looking south east towards Edinburgh..I could see a heavy squall coming my way.. I started to run downhill.

By the time I reached the track again.. it was well and truely raining.

Im afraid I got more than a wet nose climbing the nose of the Ochils ... but at least I have now been on the top .. I will try to pick a better day next time :-D

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