Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pooch Painting, Snoot and Scooby

It was a busy week for me. As well as a few walks, I also managed some more Pooch Painting practise. These two were for my own interest and were inspired and adapted from a couple of dog photographs in the National Geographic magazine.

I have not got a clue what they are called but I thought "Snoot" (He looks a bit snobby) suited the English Setter and "Scooby" (after Scooby Doo) suited the Great Dane. Im very happy with my progress in Pooch Painting, considering Im teaching myself :-D

Scooby was my first steps into trying to paint black fur. I couldn't face attempting an all black dog case it ends up looking like a black hole. The Great Dane is a lovely tan colour with an all black snitch. I think I handled the black colour well

Snoot was for more practise at long hair dogs.


Russell said...

Paintings getting better and better, Donny. See you tomorrow morning

Donny Wilcox said...

Thanks Russell ..I will be ready at 8 :-D

Unfortunately Holly will be staying at home..I had to carry her off a hill yesterday..with a sore paw.. I will tell that tale in the next blog

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