Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pooch Paintings (Rory and Sheri)

I cant believe the great weather we are having ..and its only March ?

However the old saying "Ne'r shed a cloot till May is Oot" looks to be true even in this age of global warming. Colder weather with snow showers on the hills has to return on Monday.

Although I have thoroughly enjoyed the good weather, I have been very busy and not had any time for new hill or sea adventures ... yet.

I was visiting my mother in Ayr and doing lots of garden work. Servicing outboard engines for myself. Working round my own house and attending a family wedding.

When I introduced myself to other guests at the wedding, I mentioned I was now retired although Im only 56 years old. My eldest daughter assured me that I was too young to retire and that I was only temporary unemployed. I thought about this for a moment or two then said ...

" Nope.. Im not was by choice ..but I guess Im not retired yet either. However I have left the rat race to follow my dream "

Although I have not yet started advertising my services to the public, the Pooch Paintings are starting to generate a little money and I even have a short waiting list of folks who have heard of my work by word of mouth.

To help illustrate some more of my illustrations ....

Meet Rory the Border Terrier

And Sheri the little Pug

As usual..a click on a pooch wont bite but will bring up the bigger picture :-D

The great thing about Pooch Painting to suppliment my savings is that I can do it anywhere and at times to suit myself. Im not stuck in an office nine to five routine.

If anyone is wondering what I charge for a pooch painting .. Im doing them A4 size .. fully framed for 50 quid.. IMO ..its exceptional value.

So if you are wondering what to give as a present to someone that has a pooch..or even a cat or gerbile, or want to have an ever lasting memory of a family pet.. painted in a way that only I can do.. please dont hesitate to contact me. All I need is a good photograph of your favourite pets pose.

Sorry of my unashamed plug of my pooch painting..but I have to feed my own rescued pooch.. Holly :-D

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