Friday, 19 August 2011

Skye and the fish at Harlosh Skerry

Fortunately for me, the weather forecast proved to be correct, the high pressure area had arrived and the winds remained light after the early morning front had passed. I rounded Idrigill point in calm water and was almost half way back to Harlosh when I met the first boat I had seen all day. It was a creel boat checking his lobster pots that he had put out all along the cliff line to Idrigill point.

I confess, he looked a little surprised at seeing such a small boat as mine this far out ?

I was now heading full steam ahead for the Harloch Skerry. That’s where the fish finder showed an interesting sea bed full of holes. I had to wait for the tide to come in before attempting to recover the boat at the slipway so decided to do some bottom fishing.

The skerry was high and dry but there was still twenty feet of water below my boat. The cormorants watched with interest as I caught a couple of nice Pollack on a fake rubber sand eel bait. I also got another couple of mackerel.

That was enough fish for me so I headed back to the sandy bay on Harlosh Island for another coffee and sandwich. The Cuillin hills looked very rugged and spectacular in the afternoon sun.

I cleaned the fish in the sea before putting them in a pail of seawater to keep them cool till I got home. The guestimate biggest Pollack to be well over 3lb in weight.

I then wandered around the island to get some more photos and to reflect on my day. Tarner Island looked very clear with the sun on its west side.

I thought this point on Harlosh Island looked like a miniature Neist Point, with Rum and Canna in the distance.

I watched and waited until the tide was well up the beach again then headed over to Harloch and the slipway. I recovered the boat and headed for home as the sun set. I would recommend Loch Bracadale and a trip to the Maiden’s to anyone... it is simply magic .. on a calm day :-D

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