Monday, 1 August 2011

Ben Lui and the steep headwall path

It was great getting out the muddy forest section and on to the open hillside where I made good progress across the flatter and firmer slopes of Fionn Choirein. I was heading for the headwall at the rear of the corrie where a path climbs onto the bealach between Ben Lui and Beinn a Chleibh.

The old guide books always mention that the path up the headwall is steep and care should be taken while walking it. That description worried me a little as I couldn’t make out the path from the corrie as the sun was directly behind making the hillside a silhouette. However the headwall to the side of the corrie looked very steep.

I started the headwall climb with a little apprehension but soon found I had nothing to worry about. The path traverses the steep slop at an angle and it proved easy walking the whole way to the bealach.

I stopped just before the bealach summit to survey the route I had just walked and admire the views to the north. The muddy forest path was now a distant memory.

I watched in disbelief and a little despair as the cloud started to engulf the summit of Ben Lui. As the mountain top disappeared from view I felt my feet get heavier and my legs get stiffer. Cloud seems to have that effect on my energy levels ?

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