Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ben Lui and the struggle to summit

I sat for a moment or two on the bealach ridge resting my weary legs. They were feeling the effort of getting this far having not done any hill walking for so long. The view to the south helped inspire me to continue with my chosen route.

The summit of Beinn a Chleibh was still clear of cloud but I really wanted to see the views from the top of Ben Lui because they were denied from me the last time I stood on its summit.

The view over to Ben Cruachan also brought back memories of 25 years ago when I went round the horseshoe ridge in winter conditions. It was a lovely clear day then and I still have photos of the views from that walk so have never felt the need to re climb it.

As I pushed on for the summit of Ben Lui, I really started to toil. My legs told me to go back but my head kept thinking “If you don’t do it today..you will never do it again ..and you will never see the view from the top”

Somehow I kept going, ignoring the blister on my heel and stiffening feeling in my leg muscles. Then, just as the mist cleared from the summit, I reached the little ridge between Ben Lui’s twin summits .. I was really looking forward to the views from the top .....

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