Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lismore and Port Ramsay

Port Ramsay is a small village to the north of the Island. It was built to house the workers of the limestone industry in the area. The lime was processed in lime kilns and then used for agriculture and in mortar for buildings. The village is situated on a sheltered bay guarded by an army of seals.

The bay is also protected by a series of skerries and small islands. I went very slowly with the fish finder showing depths of only 5 ft at low tide. At one point it went to 2 ft so I stopped the engine and started to row.

Eventually it started to deepen and a few boats were moored off the village

I rowed to shore for a leg stretch and nosey around. I let the boat drift off the rocks tethered by it painter to stop it grounding in the last of the out going tide.

I couldn't help notice the huge mussels clinging to the rocks

Im a great believer that when you cant get the fish.. eat the bait ..and they were delicious.

The main street of Port Ramsay is no more than a land rover track. Everything is totally unspoiled and very peaceful.

The view from the front door is to die for and living there would save me a fortune in fuel driving to the sea for my adventures.

But I suspect it could be hell in the bitter cold winter storms. Perhaps Im better on the mainland ..I don’t know if I could survive without the internet.

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