Saturday, 9 July 2011

Argyle's Secret Coast and the Kyles of Bute

I always spend the week checking the long range weather forecasts for the coming weekend, before choosing my next boating journey. I could see that last weekend was going to be a great weekend so I had time to plan and prepare for it. I wanted somewhere easy to launch the boat and somewhere I had not been before. I have the O.S. maps for the whole of the west coast so have the paperwork to help choose the location. It wasn't hard to decided on Argyle’s Secret Coast. It had remained a secret from me for too long.

After work on the Friday I headed straight home, hooked up the pre packed boat and I was off before the evening rush hour started. I was going via the “Rest and Be Thankful” road before cutting down the south side of Loch Fynes. I stopped and had a look around the place I had my maiden voyage in Vin Rouge only a few months before.

I then stopped for an Ice Cream at Strachur and was delighted to see the fox gloves still in bloom. They are a sign that summer is here to me.

The tide was full out on Strachur beach but it didn’t worry me. I was heading further south.

I stopped to take a photo of Dunans Castle looking very impressive illuminated in the evening sun. It was a hotel until the year 2000 when it caught fire and was burned to the ground. Madonna had made enquiries to hold her wedding here before deciding on another venue in the north of Scotland.

Two and a half hours after leaving my home I was overlooking the place of my next boating journey. The Kyles of Bute.

Looking towards the East Kyle, with the narrows and Burnt Islands near the top right of the photo

Looking towards the West Kyle with the Island of Arran on the horizon.

Everything looked perfect, all I needed now was somewhere to launch the boat.


Alex said...

Looking forward to the rest of this one Donny.!
It was an excellent weekend indeed.I managed to get sunburnt traveling from Melvich to durness over four days.Not a midge in sight either :)

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi midges in the north ? I love it up there but its been a couple of years since I was right at the top ..I must try and get up there again soon.

I can recommend the Kyles was one of my best trips yet.. keep following and you will see why :-D