Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kyles of Bute and Loch Striven

There are some lovely big houses hidden away on private estates around the Kyles. I could happy live in what looks like the boat house in this photo.

I was very watchful of the ferry service that runs between Colintraive and the north of Bute because I was too small to argue who had right of way, and presumed the ferry did anyway. I waited my moment then quickly crossed its path on the other side, well out of its way.

Looking back towards Colintraive once I was safely out the ferry’s route. If it wasn’t for the ferry..I could have passed the village without knowing it was there.. its so small.

A yacht was also heading down the Kyle towards Loch Striven. It was under engine power as there was not a puff of wind.

The fields looked very green against the white washed farm court yard. It was a lovely morning to be on the water.

Occasionally the sea surface ruffled as gentle thermals moved along the Kyles towards Loch Ruel.

I saw the first seal of the day sunning itself on the headland point at the entrance to Loch Striven.

I was curious to see if the Maersk Line container ships were still stored in Loch Striven. Due to the recession affecting the shipping trade the container shipping company had parked around a half dozen of its boats in the loch. I guess things have improved as the boats had gone. I bet the locals are pleased to have their beautiful scenery back.

I didn’t go far up Loch Striven as I had seen enough, besides, because it was still calm I decided to have a look at the Island of Bute instead.

I about turned and headed full steam ahead for Port Bannantyne and Rothesay

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