Monday, 25 July 2011

Kyles of Bute and some rules of the sea

As I headed back up the west Kyle, the yachts were zig zagging their way down. There were lots of them and all different sizes and colours.

I kept a good lookout for them and tried to anticipate their intended paths but it was quite difficult to know when they were going to change direction.

They even started heading my way from the opposite direction. I knew enough rules of the sea to know that steam must give way to sail so I tacked and changed direction to keep well out their way.

However not everyone appeared to know the rules. Keep a close watch on these two yachts behind me.

Hmmm..I wondered if they has seen each other.. From where I sat, their intended courses seemed to cross ?

Oh..Oh .. they have now seen one another but is it too late ?

Starboard ... Starboard ..STARBOARD !!!! you blind boat owner !!

I never knew yachting could create such adrenalin amongst normally quiet fellow boaters.The collision is avoided but I wonder if they both knew who had the right of way ?

Then the surprise appearance of another boat really made my day. All the rules of the sea were broken as I watched sail give way to steam. Not one person shouted starboard either. But when a boat has a reputation for crashing into various rocks and piers of the Clyde, I would advise anyone to keep out its way.

Yup.. it was a true delight to see the last of the sea going paddle steamers in the world heading for Tighnabruaich Pier and sail gave way to steam all the way. The PSS Waverley had arrived :-D

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