Thursday, 26 May 2011

Skye and Elgol shore

If you keep on the Elgol road until it ends you finally arrive at ..yup guessed ..Elgol :-D

Its a small fishing hamlet complete with pier at the entrance to Loch Scavaig. Photographers come from all over the UK to try to capture the Black Cuillin vista as the sun sets. The interesting and varied rock formations on the shore add foreground interest and no two nights ever look the same due to the different cloud formations over the mountains and the lighting effects caused by the disappearing sun. I too have stood shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the snappers, snapping frantically until it is too dark to see the sea.

Below are just a few of my attempts at trying to capture the feeling of looking towards the dark hills of Mordor as Sauron and the Nazgul search in vain for the ring.

I did manage one painting too..before I got sick of the sight of the same view night after night ...


Alex. said...

They are some of the best Elgol shots I have seen and I have seen a lot..!


Donny Wilcox said...

Glad you like them Alex..if this wind keeps me much longer from going out in the boat.. I will get the rest of Skye posted shortly.. wait till you see the photos of the Storr and Quirang..they are even better :-D