Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Skye and Camasunary Bay

A little further along the Elgol road from Bla Bheinn, is a lovely walk across the moorlands to the remote Camasunary Bay. The bay is situated on the northen shores of Loch Scavaig and nestles in the eastern side of the black Cuillin. The start of the path is near the car park at Kilmarie and weaves its way westwards over the hills.

The first glimpse of the Cuillin from the path, with Camasunary Bay below, makes the effort of the walk very worth while.

To the north is an access ridge leading to the top of Bla Bheinn. This route is a bit more exposed than the “tourist route” wich I ascended in my previous post.

The while house is now a bothy for use of hikers and climbers who venture into this remote part of the island.

Looking south from Camasunary across Loch Scavaig towards the islands of Soay and Rum.

It was my walk to Camasunary Bay that inspired this water colour painting. I filled my jar of water for mixing the paints from the burn that flows into the loch. I cant get more inspired for a watercolour painting than that :-D


alex said...

That`s a tremendous photo of Camasunary you have there Donny. Watercolour isn`t bad either :)
I believe this may be the last year it is an open bothy as the owner is retiring and has indicated he will be using it as a holiday home.

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi again Alex, thanks for your kind comments :-D

I guess a lot of people will miss the use of the bothy, but me being the loner I am ..well.. I prefer sleeping in a tent than with a lot of strangers in a confined space.

However I do dream of retiring to some remote place like Camasunary. For me it would be like being in heaven ..until I needed a doctor.. then it could be hell ..

Anonymous said...

donny, I'm so with you there. I came upon this most beautiful of places over 20 years ago. It's been my idea of paradise ever since. I'm so shocked to read that the.... THE.... bothy may no longer be avail to us all, but everything changes :( I only ever one night stayed in a tent there.... quite like the commune feel when i stayed in the bothy... that said... i will adapt. my most fave place in all the world .... and i've been around some :) ... tellurianna

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi tellurianna, thanks for looking in and I strongly agree.. Skye is pure magic and Camasunary the icing on the cake :-D

Anonymous said...

I must return. I think of it all too often. today the journey would be difficult, but I feel i must. big sighs here. tellurianna