Sunday, 1 May 2011

Loch Leven and the end of a glorious day

Going back through the bridge was even easier. I let the flow carry me through, keeping the outboard running enough to keep my course when the swirls tried to turn the boat. I went at a good pace in the incoming tide. Once through the narrows, I turned into the quiet bay beside Ballachulish where the yachts anchor. It was very peaceful in that little backwater.

I now thought it was time to head for the campsite as I had been boating for ten hours without a dull moment. The Glencoe mountains looked very spectacular behind the village. I recalled the first time that I went up Stob Coire nan Lochan. I guess I was around 17 years old and ascended it by “dinner time buttress” Its a steep scramble up the north facing buttress just left of centre in this photo.

The campsite was now beckoning me. I was thinking of my dinner waiting in the tent. I had packed a tin of John West best Salmon in case I blanked at fishing.

I had no problems winching the boat back up the ramp. However I was not happy with the wire rope on the winch. It was slightly frayed and had sharp edges that pierced my hands a couple of times. Another modification noted to be done at the first available moment. This is a photo for reference of why the ramp is not much use at low tide.

I then relaxed and watched a glorious sunset bring an end to an equally glorious day on the loch.

The following day was blustery , grey and wet so I packed up the tent and headed for home. But first I went to Fort William to visit the climbing shop. I was looking for something that should make recovering the boat even easier.

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