Sunday, 20 March 2011

Skye and the road to Armadale

Heading back to Broadford on the main road, the next road on the left is the main road to Armadale. There is a ferry terminal there which connects with Mallaig on the mainland.

A tip if you use such devices as Sat Nav etc, but many people from the south set their route to Portree on Skye and unknown to them it calculates the shortest route which is via the ferry from Mallaig to Armadale. They arrive at Mallaig before they realise their mistake and then find the next ferry is in the morning so have to backtrack a hundred miles or so to cross by the Skye Bridge. I know several southerners who have done this so know its a common error.

When I stayed in Broadford I often got up for the sunrise and headed for the Armadale road. The sunrises over Loch Airigh on the moors and Loch Na Dall on the coast were stunning, especially in the winter when the sun rose around eight AM.

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